Making Brighton Rock - it’s a vape state!

Making Brighton Rock - it’s a vape state!

This week we’re launching our new Brighton Rock shortfill e-liquids. Plus, we’re adding new delicious flavours to the range. Brighton Rock is our all time most popular vape juice brand - and it’s about to get even better!

Since 2016, Brighton Rock has consistently been our best-selling e-liquid range. In fact, you might say that its popularity has been ‘as solid as a rock’ (sorry!).

This week marks the launch of four amazing new vape flavours to the range. Not only that, we’ve also relaunched all of the existing flavours as shortfill e-liquids.

The evolution of an e-liquid range

Brighton Rock was the first e-liquid range that we manufactured ourselves back in 2016. We wanted to create top quality flavour sensations to meet the evolving requirements of the vaping population.

Until that point, flavour profiles of e-liquids were extremely one dimensional. We recognised that our customers were becoming more discerning in their vaping tastes. They wanted flavours with subtlety and nuance; flavours that tasted different on the inhale and the exhale; flavours that accurately delivered what was advertised on the bottle. And so, after much testing and development, Brighton Rock was born.

Brighton Rock - a vaping philosophy

Only our longest standing customers will remember that Vape UK started life as Vape Shop Brighton. We were actually one of the first dedicated vaping shops - established just as the vaping market was emerging in the UK. Back then, as today, one of our key focuses was supplying only the very best vape products. That focus, combined with our seaside location, was the reason behind the Brighton Rock brand.

Each delicious flavour is part of our Brighton landscape. The flavour names are plays on well-known places around our fantastic city. The packaging emulates sticks of the famous Brighton Rock that can be found in shops along the seafront; and within the packaging is vape juice of the highest quality.

We use only premium grade ingredients in our e-liquids. The perfect ratio of PG and VG means that Brighton Rock e-juice delivers a totally more-ish and balanced vapour, whether you are a Mouth-to-Lung (MtL) or sub-ohm vaper.

Brighton Rock E-Liquid Packaging Design

Do you prefer to Pick ‘n’ Mix?

One of our customers’ favourite ways to experience Brighton Rock e-liquids for the first time is to Pick ‘n’ Mix. We give you the option to choose 3 different flavours and/or nicotine strengths - each in a 10ml bottle.

You can mix and match your favourite flavour types, or select a new flavour that you’ve been wanting to try. With so many different delicious flavours to sample, you’re sure to find one that you’ll want to vape again and again. Plus, at only £9.99 for 3 premium vape liquids, our Pick ‘n’ Mix is far better value than your local cinema! :-D

We're here to help you quit smoking for good

At Vape UK, we pride ourselves on being responsible vaping advocates. We keep up to date with all of the latest news and studies; we supply high quality TPD compliant vaping products; and we are always on hand to offer helpful and honest advice about vaping. Please get in touch if you have any queries on quitting smoking.

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