About Vape UK

Since 2016, we've made it our mission to curate the finest quality vape products at every price point.

We’re here to help current smokers make the switch to vaping with expert guidance and support.

We know we’re special. Don’t assume we’re just like every other vaping company - because we’re not. When we say we’re different, we truly mean it.

Here’s why…

Where we started

We started as a small high-street shop in Brighton, supplying retail and business customers with printing consumables. But things have shifted a lot since then!

When a friend told us about a ‘vaping device’ they were using to quit smoking, we saw the potential right away.

We wanted to make a difference, so we poured our heart and soul into this new and exciting market.

Soon enough, we began providing basic vaping kits and e-liquids, which immediately gained lots of interest.

In 2014, we created the brand name ‘Vape Shop Brighton’, which became part of our store.

Where we are now

In 2016, we rebranded to Vape UK, making the cartridge business a small section within our shop.

Before long, we started to add market-leading products and brands to our portfolio and worked hard to grow the online side of the business.

Fast forward to 2023, we are delighted to say we’re known as one of the leading online vaping outlets in the UK.

Our brand’s popularity has skyrocketed so much we now have our own warehouse and a team of 60 dedicated employees.

It all started with a passion for finding a viable way for people to quit smoking. And here we are, delivering products that have been proven to work.

Why we stand out

  • We have an extensive range of outstanding vaping devices and products that keep customers coming back for more.
  • From the famous Elf Bar and Lost Mary to our very own UK-made e-liquids, we only stock what our audience loves.
  • We’ve handpicked the most appealing flavours and collated everything together in one place, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.
  • All our vaping products are TPD compliant, meaning they meet all the safety and quality standards required by law.
  • Our team of purchasers and testers ensure the products we provide to customers are only the ones we would use ourselves. This is at the heart of everything we do.

At Vape UK, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Yes, we know every brand says this, but we actually hold ourselves accountable. How?

We’re super responsive to any issues or queries, and to date, we have over 15,000 5-star reviews (and counting!). Our customer service goes way beyond the point of sale; we’re here for the whole journey.

How you can get more

At Vape UK, we offer all kinds of flexible multibuy offers. You can mix and match brands and flavours, and once you hit the minimum quantity, all applicable products added on top will receive the same incredible discounts! Once you’ve found what you like, you can take advantage of our easy-to-use re-order function.

Check out our exceptional value customer loyalty scheme, where you can earn points just for signing up!

We offer free delivery on orders over £20 and ship 7 days a week. We want to make ordering seamless and give customers what they need on demand. That’s why we go the extra mile when it comes to shipping and delivery.

Don’t forget we have a 9 pm cut-off point for DPD deliveries.

What the future holds

Looking forward, we believe the vaping market is going to grow tremendously. At Vape UK, we want to carry on the fantastic work vaping has done to lower the number of smokers and are delighted to support the Smokefree 2030 plan.

There has been a surge in current smokers making the switch to vaping – and for good reason.

When you smoke a cigarette, you inhale thousands of toxic chemicals that can cause cancer and other serious illnesses.

Those toxic chemicals are then released as second-hand smoke, which includes tar and carbon monoxide, harming others around you. All of this is minimized with vaping, and everyone around you is exposed to fewer toxins at lower levels. Even the experts agree that vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking.

The evolution of vaping products continues to push boundaries, especially in the realm of reusable Pod-Style Devices. These eco-friendlier options are experiencing rapid growth, and we are actively encouraging our customers to use them.

Embracing this style of vape product not only contributes to a greener environment but also guarantees an equally impressive performance compared to Single-Use Vapes.

Take a look at our products

Now we’ve introduced ourselves, why not browse our simple-to-use website and check out our brilliant Vaping Products and tasty E-Liquids? As well as our expert guides and blogs, we provide supportive, impartial advice to help find devices and products best suited to you.