What is the Best Wattage to Vape at?

Navigating the complexities of vaping wattage is essential for anyone looking to fully embrace the myriad of experiences the vaping world has to offer. Whether a newcomer or a seasoned enthusiast, understanding wattage is key – it’s the secret behind every cloud formation and flavour.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you find the best wattage to vape at. So, read on and get ready to unlock and explore the uncharted territories of vaping possibilities!

Wattage and Vaping: A Rundown

Wattage in the vaping world is pivotal, acting as your device's power unit to generate heat from the coil. It’s this heat that influences both the flavour and vapour amount produced, allowing for a highly tailored vaping experience.

Newcomers and long-term vapers alike need to grasp this concept to enjoy each session fully. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

For those who prefer a smoother hit and subtler flavour, a lower wattage is key, while denser clouds and more robust flavours can be achieved at a higher wattage.

The flexibility in wattage empowers you to control your vaping experience, making every puff uniquely enjoyable.

Vaping at different wattage levels

Every wattage level offers a distinct vaping experience, altering each puff's intensity and quality. When the wattage is low, the vapour is cooler, the flavour is milder, and the throat hit is smoother, ideal for those who favour a more laid-back session.

Low wattage is brilliant for vapers who appreciate gentle undertones and want to savour their e-liquid's authentic taste without overwhelming their senses.

Conversely, higher wattage translates to warmer vapour, more pronounced flavour, and a stronger throat hit. It’s for the bold, for those seeking a vibrant and immersive experience.

This variance in experience at different wattages is what allows you to explore and find what suits your palate and preferences best.

Vape Kits and Wattage

Most vape kits come equipped with varied power settings to accommodate users' diverse preferences. The integration of wattage in these kits is crucial, serving as the driving force that brings the e-liquid to life.

The utilisation of power in vape kits is a delicate balance, determining the vapour's warmth, the flavour's boldness, and the intensity of the throat hit. It’s this balance that dictates your vaping experience, allowing users to fine-tune their sessions based on individual preference.

Different kits offer different ranges of power adjustments, providing a spectrum of experiences from the subtle and discreet to the robust and intense.

Recognising the interplay between vape kits and wattage is essential for every vaper wishing to delve deeper into the realm of vaping.

What is enough?

Determining the right wattage involves considering various components of your vaping device, and different devices have varied wattage needs due to their unique designs and components:

Components Influencing Wattage:

Vape Batteries


The capacity impacts the available power level.

Vape Coil


The resistance determines the amount of power needed.

E-Liquid Bottle


The composition dictates the specific wattage levels to unlock the desired flavour and vapour.

A proper understanding of these elements and their interplay is pivotal for customising your vaping journey.

What wattage should I vape at?

Selecting the right wattage is a highly personal choice, influenced by individual preferences. We’ve put together a guide to help you determine the best wattage level based on your vaping needs:

Vapour at 10 to 30 Watts

Best suited for beginners seeking a smoother, cooler vapour and a mild flavour.

Vapour at 30 to 50 Watts

Ideal for intermediate users looking for a balanced experience with rich flavour and warmer vapour.

Vapour above 60 Watts

Recommended for experienced vapours desiring dense clouds, strong hits, and intense flavours.

We advise beginning at a lower setting and gradually increasing, noting the changes in flavour, throat hit, and vapour production. Pay close attention to your device’s specifications and the chosen e-liquid to fine-tune your experience and find the wattage level that works for you.

Your Vaping Experience

Your journey into the world of vaping highly depends on finding the right equipment that aligns with your needs. For beginners, low-power kits are the go-to option, optimal for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping.

These kits are satisfactory in delivering flavourful puffs and adequate nicotine strength with the use of nicotine salts and freebase nicotine. Typically, beginners should opt for pod kits that operate within the 10–30-watt range, providing a gentle and enjoyable experience without overwhelming the senses.

On the other hand, experienced vapers often lean towards more powerful kits to achieve a heightened, intense vaping experience with the use of shortfill e-liquids and accompanying nic shots. These high-powered, sub-ohm kits are designed for DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping and can operate in a broad wattage range from 30 to 200 watts.

Mouth to Lung Vaping Pros and ConsMouth to Lung Vaping Pros and Cons
Direct to Lung Vaping Pros and ConsDirect to Lung Vaping Pros and Cons

However, if simplicity and convenience are your priorities, and adjusting wattage feels like a chore, consider opting for a prefilled pod kit or a beginner pod kit without a wattage adjustment function, eradicating the need to tinker with settings and making them a hassle-free choice for those new to vaping.

How we can help

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