How to Choose a Sub-Ohm Vape Kit

Sub-ohm vaping represents the pinnacle of modern vaping technology, offering unparalleled flavour intensity and cloud production. These specialised Sub-Ohm Kits cater to vapers who want a heightened and more customised experience.

Recognising the significance of direct-to-lung vaping in the community, Vape UK is committed to providing an extensive range of sub-ohm kits from the best brands.

As you explore the world of DTL vaping, it’s essential to be informed and choose the right kit. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned vaper, we can help you find the right device that elevates your vaping journey.

What are Sub-Ohm Kits?

Sub-ohm kits are advanced vaping devices designed for high-wattage vaping with coils below one-ohm resistance, hence, the name sub-ohm. 

This lower resistance allows for a larger amount of electrical current to pass through the coil, producing more vapour and often a more pronounced flavour from your e-liquids.

How do Sub-Ohm Kits work?

Sub-ohm kits are like the upgraded cousins of regular vapes. They are heavy-duty devices that work with intricate tanks that hold the coil and vape juice, and powerful batteries which are able to heat up sub-ohm coils below 0.4Ω very quickly and intensely.

This whole setup is why you see those big clouds and get that rich flavour. It’s a step up from the typical vaping experience, especially if you’re after something more intense.

Using one of these kits involves what’s known as direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. It’s a bit like taking a deep, direct breath. All the components in the device, from the batteries and coils to the mouthpiece, are specially designed to allow for those intense DTL draws.

A Sub-Ohm Vape Device with accompanying parts

Sub-Ohm Vape Kit Functions

DTL vapes truly deliver an unparalleled vaping experience. The latest kits will have various vaping modes that let you dive deep into customising how you vape, whether that’s focusing on flavour intensity, cloud production, or battery conservation, which we’ll get into in a second.

Supporting this versatility is the universal 510 thread connection, which is how you connect vape tanks to their battery devices. An industry standard that lets vapers mix and match their battery devices and tanks with ease, ensuring compatibility and personalisation.

Vape tanks will come with their own little functions which you can adjust, like the airflow system, that lets vapers fine-tune the draw resistance, be it a tight and intense draw or a more airy and immense inhale.

But it doesn’t end there. Modern sub-ohm kits come equipped with intuitive screens, providing a user interface that lets you monitor and adjust settings effortlessly, from wattage levels to battery status.

Build Quality and Vaping Modes

These devices come with features that make them long-lasting and sturdy.

Safety Feature Icon

Safety Features

These kits incorporate several safety mechanisms, such as overheating protection and short-circuit protection.

Device Protection Icon

Device Protection

Many devices now have ingress protections to make them water, dust and shock-resistant. 

Heavy Duty Materials Icon

Heavy-Duty Materials

Metals and durable glass are used in these kits to enhance their longevity and minimise wear and tear damage. 

DTL vape kits are also designed with a range of functions that serve to enhance the vaping experience.

Some key functions you may find in sub-ohm kits include:

Variable Power Icon

Variable Power

This is the most basic function as it is offered by all sub-ohm devices. This allows you to set a certain wattage level to create your preferred flavour and vapour output.

Temperature Control Icon

Temperature Control

You can achieve a steady flavour profile by setting a specific temperature you want your coils to reach.

Custom Power Curves Icon

Custom Power Curves

With this mode, you can set your device to change the wattage output in real-time as you’re taking a draw. This can increase or decrease the intensity of the hit and flavour profile.

Sub-Ohm Kits and E-Liquids

When it comes to sub-ohm vaping, e-liquid choice is crucial. Many vapers opt for ‘shortfills’, which are larger bottles of nicotine-free e-liquid with space left at the top. Why? It’s so you can add your own nicotine shots, allowing you to control the nicotine level to your liking.

Shortfills are primarily high in VG (vegetable glycerine) as opposed to PG (propylene glycol). High VG e-liquids are favoured in DTL vaping for their thicker consistency, which results in denser clouds and a smoother throat hit.

The higher VG concentration not only delivers impressive cloud production but also intensifies the flavour, making it the ideal choice for those looking to get the most out of their sub-ohm kits.

Things to look out for when buying a Sub-Ohm Vape Kit

Choosing the right sub-ohm vape kit is more than just picking the fanciest one on the shelf. First and foremost, it’s essential to consider if the kit aligns with your personal vaping style and budget.

Ask yourself: will this device deliver the vaping experience I’m after? Is it too intricate or perhaps too basic for liking? Additionally, be realistic about your budget.

High-end features often come with a matching price tag, but remember, there’s a plethora of quality kits that we sell that range in cost.

Before making your mind up, here are some specifics to bear in mind:

E-Liquid Compatibility Icon

E-Liquid Compatibility

Ensure the kit works well with your preferred e-liquids. Some tanks might not handle thicker or thinner liquids optimally.

Features Icon


Does it come with the bells and whistles you desire, like temperature control or perhaps a specific coil resistance range?

Easy of Use Icon

Ease of Use

If you’re new to DTL vaping, it might be wise to start with a more user-friendly kit before diving into advanced features.

Battery Life Icon

Battery Life

If you’re a heavy vaper, stick to a kit with a robust battery to avoid frequent charging.

Customisability Icon


Are you looking for a kit that lets you swap out parts, like the tank or coil, to tailor your experience further?

Safety Feautes Icon

Safety Features

Ensure your kit has safety protocols like overheating safeguards.

With our expert guidance and extensive range of sub-ohm vape kits, you should have no trouble finding a vape kit that provides the ultimate DTL experience. Check our contact details for further help, or read more of our blogs and guides if you want to do some research yourself.