Heated Tobacco

Heat-Not-Burn products have become a prominent smoking alternative for their notable benefits and health-conscious approach to tobacco. If you’re looking for a way to control your nicotine cravings and move away from the harmful effects of tobacco, do yourself a favour and check out the IQOS Iluma range for some high-end, cost-effective smoke alternatives if you haven't found any success with vaping.


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About Heated Tobacco Products (Heat-not-Burn)

We believe that smoking should be a thing of the past already, but there haven’t been any reliable tobacco alternatives that can turn the heads of smokers. But now, with IQOS, every smoker has something to turn to if they’re ready to make the switch to a more health-conscious way of enjoying tobacco and leaving cigarettes in the past.

What are Heat-not-Burn Products?

Heat-not-burn products allow you to enjoy tobacco in a way that is similar to cigarette smoking but with the majority of health risks reduced. As the name suggests, the tobacco is heated in the device, which allows it to release the main ingredients needed for an enjoyable experience, like nicotine and flavourings, while holding back on thousands of harmful components that would otherwise be present if you were to burn the tobacco.

What are Heated Tobacco Sticks?

IQOS are the leading brand in the industry, as they have successfully combined science, technology and tobacco to create a device that can emulate the experience of smoking a cigarette without the combustion and countless harmful chemicals.

The latest tobacco sticks from IQOS are the TEREA sticks, which use tobacco that is carefully curated by the company itself for the best taste and experience. Although tobacco is the main element, it’s not the only component that makes the magic happen. 

The tobacco surrounds the main heating element, which is a stainless steel coated metal that heats the tobacco from the inside. On the outside, the tobacco is enclosed in a protective wrap with seals and plugs on both ends to create a clean and seamless product.

Exploded View of an IQOS TEREA Tobacco StickExploded View of an IQOS TEREA Tobacco Stick

How much nicotine is in a HEETS and TEREA tobacco stick?

IQOS HEETS and TEREA contain 0.5mg of nicotine per tobacco stick. Traditional cigarettes, on the other hand, contain 1mg to 1.5mg of nicotine per cigarette stick. Heated tobacco sticks contain only half the amount of nicotine as traditional cigarettes. This lets you take control of your nicotine intake while also reducing the harmful effects of tobacco use.

Are Heat-not-Burn Products Better than Vaping and Smoking?

Heat-not-burn products are a unique type of smoking alternative because they still use tobacco as their main component. This means they're quite different from other options, but that doesn't mean they're any better. For some people, vaping proves most successful in helping them quit smoking, but for others, vaping may not be so appealing, or it doesn't meet their needs and preferences. So, IQOS products are another option people can use to try and quit smoking if vaping doesn't work out.

As mentioned, IQOS products are different to other alternatives, so here are some ways they will compare to other smoking cessation products.

IQOS vs Smoking

IQOS devices heat the tobacco instead of burning it like cigarettes; this means that fewer toxins are released from the aerosol created when you use heated tobacco. This makes them the more health-conscious choice out of the two.

IQOS vs Vaping

IQOS devices use real tobacco to emulate the experience of smoking a cigarette as closely as possible. Vaping, on the other hand, can only emulate the flavour. Some people will prefer heat-not-burn products because they enjoy the real tobacco taste.

IQOS vs Nicotine Pouches

IQOS devices not only ease nicotine cravings, but they also help with the hand-to-mouth fixation that comes with smoking cigarettes. Nicotine pouches are great for a discreet nicotine fix on the go, but lots of people enjoy using an actual device.

Are Heat-not-Burn Products Safe?

Devices like the IQOS Iluma One and products like TEREA tobacco sticks are safe to use for their intended purpose by those who are trying to quit smoking. 

These products, just like any other nicotine products, go through vigorous testing and are under strict laws to make them safe for use by consumers. IQOS are a leading company for a reason: they produce their own tobacco and have market-leading technology to provide the best products possible to help people give up smoking for good.

IQOS TEREA Tobacco Sticks don't produce tar

How long does a Tobacco Stick last?

Finishing a tobacco stick should take you a similar amount of time it would take you to finish a cigarette, which is around 15 puffs.

In addition, tobacco sticks contain less tobacco than a traditional cigarette would, which means that you can enjoy a similar experience, all while reducing your tobacco intake.

How many tobacco sticks should I use in one day?

One tobacco stick contains 0.5mg of nicotine, which is half of what you would get from smoking one cigarette. Although they don’t equate to the same nicotine level, that’s not to say that one tobacco stick isn’t as effective in nicotine delivery as a cigarette.

Smokers who are trying this type of alternative for the first time should use as many tobacco sticks a day as they would cigarettes. It could take some time to get used to a different nicotine delivery system, but the amount of tobacco sticks you use a day can be adjusted to match your preference.

How to use Heat-not-Burn Devices?

Using these devices is very easy; let’s take the IQOS Iluma One Kit, for example.

Once you have a fully charged device, all you have to do is place the tobacco stick into the holder to get started. Press the button on the device once to start the heating process, and after the second vibration, you’re ready to start inhaling. You will feel another vibration after some time, which indicates that you only have two puffs left to go. 

Once you’re finished, you can dispose of your tobacco stick responsibly and close up your device.

IQOS Iluma One Setup

IQOS Iluma One Setup Step 1

Turn your device on by pressing the button for 4 seconds.

IQOS Iluma One Setup Step 2

Press the button to start the heating process. 

IQOS Iluma One Setup Step 3

After a second vibration, you're ready to use the device.

IQOS Iluma One Setup Step 4

You can enjoy a tobacco stick for up to 15 puffs. A third vibration indicates 2 puffs left.

IQOS Iluma One Setup Step 5

Once finished, take out the tobacco stick and dispose of it responsibly.

IQOS Iluma One Setup Step 6

A fully charged holder lasts 20 consecutive uses.

IQOS Iluma Setup

IQOS Iluma Setup Step 1

Press the button on the charging case for 4 seconds to turn on, with the holder device inside.

IQOS Iluma Setup Step 2

Insert your tobacco stick, and a vibration will indicate the start of the heating process.

IQOS Iluma Setup Step 3

You can also press the button for a manual start. After a second vibration, you're ready to use the device.

IQOS Iluma Setup Step 4

You can enjoy a tobacco stick for up to 15 puffs. A third vibration indicates 2 puffs left.

IQOS Iluma Setup Step 5

Once finished, take out the tobacco stick and dispose of it responsibly.

IQOS Iluma Setup Step 6

You can place the holder device in the charger case, a fully charged holder lasts 2 consecutive uses.

Heat-not-burn products and heated tobacco are starting to be more prominent smoking alternatives, with IQOS leading the movement. IQOS has been improving their devices and perfecting its formulas for years to be able to deliver some of the best smoking alternatives to date. Devices like the Iluma are a great help for those who want to move on from smoking to a more health-conscious alternative but still want to enjoy a true tobacco taste.