IQOS TEREA Heated Tobacco Sticks

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Replacement tobacco sticks specially designed for use with the IQOS Iluma and IQOS Iluma ONE heated tobacco devices.

IQOS Terea tobacco sticks use an innovative stainless-steel element to heat tobacco from within without burning it, providing a satisfyingly real tobacco taste, smoke-free. Different to other heated tobacco sticks, the IQOS Terea are sealed, leaving no tobacco residue or the need to clean the Iluma device after use.

Sold in packs of 20.

iQOS TEREA Tobacco Sticks - Only for iQOS Iluma Heated Tobacco SystemsiQOS TEREA Tobacco Sticks - Only for iQOS Iluma Heated Tobacco Systems

Blend and Taste

IQOS Terea offers a wide array of different taste experiences, with each variant having its own taste profile for intensity, body, and aroma. All Terea sticks contain the same amount of nicotine.



  • Amber - Balanced & Roasted. Aroma note: Nutty
    This blend of toasted tobacco with a rounded flavour features light aromas of wood and nuts.
  • Turquoise - Fresh & Zesty. Aroma note: Citrus
    A lightly toasted tobacco blend with a refreshing menthol cooling effect and zesty aroma notes.
  • Yellow - Mild & Zesty. Aroma note: Citrus
    A mellow blend of tobacco with zesty aromatic notes.


  • Green - Cooling & Balanced. Aroma note: Peppermint
    This tobacco blend has been lightly toasted, featuring a balanced menthol cooling effect and refreshing green minty aroma notes.
  • Mauve - Fresh & Forest Berry. Aroma note: Blueberry
    A tobacco blend infused with a crisp, cool menthol sensation and indulgent dark forest fruits.
  • Sienna - Balanced & Woody. Aroma note: Black Tea
    Woody and light tea aroma notes complement a rounded, toasted tobacco blend.
  • Teak - Rounded & Nutty. Aroma note: Coconut
    A rounded, toasted tobacco blend with nutty aromas.


  • Blue - Cooling & Deep. Aroma note: Peppermint
    An infusion of deep-cooling menthol and peppermint surrounds a mellow tobacco blend.
  • Russet - Robust & Malty. Aroma note: Malty
    A bold and rich-tasting toasted tobacco.


  • Amelia Pearl - Fruity & Toasted Aroma note: Spicy
    Balanced toasted tobacco with spicy herbal menthol aroma notes. But with a click, cooling watermelon sensations are released.
  • Twilight Pearl - Fruity & Toasted Aroma note: Malty 
    This is a full-bodied, toasted tobacco blend with malty aroma notes. But with a click, cooling blueberry and menthol sensations are released.
iQOS TEREA Replacement Sticks - Discover Terea Intensity and TasteiQOS TEREA Replacement Sticks - Discover Terea Intensity and Taste


IQOS TEREA Smartcore Sticks consist of several elements that are key to providing an experience that does not create tobacco residue or require the user to clean the device after use. Unlike other tobacco sticks, TEREA sticks are sealed on both sides.

Front Seal

It is designed to keep the holder clean after use without leaving tobacco residue and also ensures the stick is easily inserted and removed.

Metal Heating Element

This component is covered in stainless steel and inserted inside the stick, which is heated through the induction system, offering a continuous heating of the tobacco.


Each blend is carefully selected, finely chopped, and prepared before being located within the stick's centre.

Ventilation Chamber

It was meticulously created to regulate the required amount of tobacco vapour in the stick for a satisfactory hit.

Protective Casing

A paper wrapper that helps the device clean after use.

Cooling Element

It is constructed using cellulose acetate to cool the temperature of the tobacco vapour so that it reaches the temperature suitable for inhalation.

TEREA heat-not-burn tobacco sticks - Exploded view and explanation of a stickTEREA heat-not-burn tobacco sticks - Exploded view and explanation of a stick


IQOS TEREA Smartcore Sticks are designed to be used only with models in the IQOS ILUMA line of heated tobacco devices.

Terea tobacco sticks are NOT compatible with IQOS 3 DUO and earlier IQOS devices.


  • Do not ingest or disassemble TEREA sticks. This product contains a sharp metal part, which can cause serious injury if swallowed.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • These products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive.
  • Only for use by adults.

Once a heated tobacco stick has cooled, please responsibly dispose of it in your general waste.

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