Geekvape Tanks

Check out all Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks from Geekvape for the ultimate vaping experience. Match these Geekvape Tanks with your favourite Geekvape Sub-Ohm Kit or any compatible Sub-Ohm Vape Kit of your choice.


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Showing 2 results

About Geekvape Tanks

Geekvape’s Tanks are an important part of the brand's product lineup as they are just as intricate as any Geekvape Vape Kit. There is a tremendous amount of work put into the development and creation of these amazing Vape Tanks, and that’s why they’re some of the best on the market.

These tanks work the same way you would expect any other vape tank to work, but they utilise the incredible Geekvape Coils to deliver some intense DTL vaping along with some delicious clouds.

Geekvape Tank Functions

Understanding your vape tank from the inside out is important so you can make the right purchase and have an enjoyable vaping experience. All vape tanks will have similar components but will have different designs, which sets them apart and makes them unique.

Replaceable Drip Tip

At the top of the tank, you will find the Drip Tip, also referred to as the mouthpiece. With some tanks, the drip tip is removable and replaceable so that you can add your own style to your vape.

Drip tips come in either a 510 size or an 810 size which refers to how big the diameter is of the mouthpiece. So if you can, replace your stock drip tip and add some dazzle to your device.

Brilliant Top-Fill Design

Geekvape Tanks have a top-filling design that can work in different ways, but it’s mainly for a leak-free and mess-free filling system.

To find the filling port, in some cases, you have to remove the drip tip and top cap, but in others, you can just slide the top cap to reveal the filling port.

As well as making for a mess-free filling system, it’s also quicker and more convenient as you don’t have to remove the tank from the device to fill it, and you can refill it even if it’s not fully empty.

Adjustable Airflow System

In most Geekvape tanks, you will find the airflow control on the top of the tank, but sometimes it’s on the bottom.

The airflow control system works with a twisting motion where you can shut off the airflow coming into your tank as you vape. You should always try out different levels to find one that suits you.

  • An open airflow will make your vapour lighter but bigger, and you may find it easier to take longer draws
  • A closed-off airflow will make your vapour dense and warm but make the flavour more noticeable in your clouds

Durable Glass Tube

In the middle of the tank, you will find the durable glass which holds the coil and e-liquid. You can clearly see how much e-liquid you have in your tank at all times, so you know when to refill.

If you ever find your tank glass damaged, just find a Replacement Tank Glass on our website and get back to vaping.

Superb Geekvape Coils

The heart of every Geekvape tank is the fantastic sub-ohm Geekvape Coils.

In the glass tube will sit the coils that turn your Shortfill E-Liquids into delicious vapour as you vape.

The best-selling Geekvape coil is the Z Series Replacement Coils, as they’re compatible with numerous Geekvape tanks.

  • Easy push-fit coil design
  • Various resistance options
  • Varying power ranges
  • Exceptional vapour and flavour production

Note: You should change your coils and clean your tank every week to keep a fresh taste.

Highly-Compatible 510 Connector

At the bottom of your Geekvape tank, you will find a 510 connector which is the part that you screw into your device to connect the two parts.

The 510 connector allows the tank to be compatible with most sub-ohm vape devices as long as they have the same connector.

This means you can pair your favourite Geekvape Tank with many Sub-Ohm Kits from brands like Vaporesso and Smok.

Geekvape Tanks FAQs

Which is the best Geekvape Tank?

The best Geekvape Tank is said to be the famous Z Sub Ohm Tank for its exceptional performance.

With numerous coil options and perfectly crafted components, it’s easy to see why it’s such a highly regarded tank.

What e-liquid do I use in my Geekvape Tank?

All Geekvape Tanks are dedicated DTL Tanks; therefore, they use Shortifll E-Liquids with added Nic Shots.

With the use of a high VG e-liquid, you can create massive clouds of vapour from your tank.

How do I refill my Geekvape Tank?

Geekvape tanks usually have a top-filling system where you either take off the top cap or slide it to reveal the filling port.

Once you find the filling port, just top up your tank, then reassemble the parts or just slide the top cap back in place.

Can I use a Geekvape Tank with any Vape Kit?

Geekvape Tanks will come with a 510 connector at the bottom which is the part you screw onto the vape device.

Because of this, you can use a Geekvape Tank with any Vape Kit as long as they have a 510 connector to match the tank.

Note: It’s also important to match the tank and the device in a way where the device can support the vaping style of the tank and power it efficiently.

How much is a Geekvape Tank?

At Vape UK, we aim to provide fair pricing on all of our products which includes Geekvape Tanks.

The current Geekvape Tanks available on our website cost £21.99 each; this includes the amazing Obelisk Tank and the classic Z Sub Ohm Tank.