Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt E-Liquids

This selection of E-liquids comes from the popular brand Bar Juice. They are the proud creators of these ridiculously tasty nic salt e-liquids. There are countless flavours to choose from, which are all available in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. You get 10ml of e-liquid in each bottle, which will last you the same amount as 5 Disposables Vapes. Check out all the flavours and learn more about the brand below.


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Items 1-16 of 39


About Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts

Bar Juice created this selection of Nic Salt e-liquids to replicate the classic disposable vape flavours in all the favourite fruity, fizzy, and menthol ones.

These Nic Salts are a 50/50 VG/PG ratio and come in either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength, perfect for Vape Starter Kits and Pod Kits.

There are 31 flavours that all come in 10ml bottles which will last you the same amount as 5 disposables, all while only using one refillable device.

Bar Juice 5000 Flavours

Bar Juice 5000 e-liquids come in all of your favourite flavours:

Bar Juice 5000 FAQs

Do Bar Juice nic salts taste like disposable vapes?

Bar Juice bases it’s Nic Salt flavours on the best-selling disposable flavours. Their vape juices taste almost identical to what you would get in your disposable vapes, sometimes even better.

Can I use Bar Juice 5000 in my own vape?

Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts are perfectly paired with low-wattage MTL Pod Kits.

Pod Kits will bring out the full flavour of these tasty vape juices while giving you strong MTL hits with either 1% or 2% nicotine strength options.

What are Nic Salts?

Nic Salts are e-liquids which are created straight from the tobacco leaf.

This means that this type of vape juice is easily handled by low-wattage devices and is absorbed quicker into the body than other types of vape juices like Freebase Nicotine.

This makes them perfect for MTL hits with a high nicotine content full of flavour.

Who should buy Bar Juice Nic Salts?

Bar Juice Nic Salts are for people who are fans of disposable vape flavours and want to get the same taste in their own Pod Kits.

If you’re tired of buying disposables over and over again, why don’t you check out our Oxva Xlim V2 Pod Vape Kit + Bar Juice 5000 Bundle which comes with two Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt E-Liquids. This bundle comes at a discounted rate and will save you money in the long run. It’s also less harmful to the environment than buying multiple disposables - win-win!

Who makes Bar Juice 5000?

Bar Juice is the maker of the Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt product line. Just like you, Bar Juice was tired of counting their puffs so they created their own vape juices to forget all about it.

This is a British company that aims to deliver high-quality vape juices full of flavour for all vapers. They use the finest ingredients to make the best e-liquids, all while being affordable and easily accessible.

How do I use Bar Juice Nic Salts?

Just like with any other vape juice, the Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt is very easy to use.

Once you have your 10ml bottle, squeeze and twist to open the childsafe cap, and squirt it into the pod or tank of your vaping device. After letting your coil prime, you can vape away at the recommended wattage for your coil.

We recommend using any low-wattage Pod Kit with the Bar Juice 5000 nic salts.