Bar Hacker Shortfill E-Liquid


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Showing 8 results

Bar Hacker Shortfill E-Liquids

Bar Hacker has transformed the landscape of 100ml shortfill e-liquids through the meticulous crafting of tastes, surpassing the mere replication of disposable vapes. They have mastered the art of flavour reproduction to elevate your vaping experience and satisfy your cravings. Bar Hacker shortfills offer the familiar joy of your favourite disposable flavour while introducing new ones to your palate, all wrapped in 120ml bottles to save you from constant repurchases. 

Available in 120ml bottles containing 100ml of e-liquid, leaving sufficient space for a single or two 10ml nicotine shots to be added for a total nicotine strength of 3 mg.

Blended with a VG/PG mix of 70/30, these incredibly unique blends of flavours work best with our sub-ohm Vape Kits and Pod Vape Kits.

You can read our guide on vaping styles explained to learn about the differences between mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung vaping.