Vaping In Public - How to be a Considerate Vaper

21 March 2024

Vaping In Public - How to be a Considerate Vaper

Love vaping? Yup. Us too. But whilst you may want to vape in public and enjoy the benefits without a care in the world, other people may not be quite as enthusiastic. It’s great to see that vaping has grown from a niche hobby to a mainstream phenomenon, but some people are still on the fence about it.

It’s now common to see people vaping when you’re out and about, especially disposable kits. These convenient, easy-to-use devices have not only made vaping more accessible but have also played a crucial role in its growing social acceptance. However, this surge in popularity comes with its own set of considerations, especially when it comes to vaping in public.

There are certain rules (both actual law and also unwritten social rules) that need to be adhered to. We know you want to be a considerate vaper, so we’ve compiled some tips and advice. 

Vaping has been embraced by many, but it’s important to remember that it’s still a practice that requires a certain level of awareness and respect towards others.

Whether you’re on the high street, going to and from work, or running errands, here is a guide on how to be a considerate vaper while you’re out and about.

Vaping vs Smoking: The Key Differences

Illustration of a Cigarette
  • Produces Thousands of Harmful Chemicals
  • Second-Hand Smoke is Extremely Harmful
  • Leaves Stains
  • Creates a Bad Smell
Illustration of a Vape Kit
  • Proven as 95% Safer than Smoking
  • Second-Hand Vapour is Far Less Harmful
  • Doesn't Leave a Bad Smell or Stain or Ash
  • More Socially Accepted by Non-Smokers

When it comes to public perception, vaping is often likened to smoking. However, this comparison doesn’t quite capture the full picture. Vaping stands out primarily because it’s tobacco-free, which means it doesn’t leave the lingering smell on clothes or in the air that cigarettes do.

This is a significant factor in public settings, where the scent of tobacco can be unwelcome. Vaping also emits far fewer toxic chemicals compared to the thousands found in cigarette smoke, making it a less harmful choice for both the vaper and those nearby.

Understanding these differences is crucial, not just for vapers but for the public too. It helps in creating a more informed view of vaping.

Being Cautious and Considerate in Public

While vaping is generally less harmful than smoking, this doesn’t give us a free pass to vape anywhere and everywhere. It’s crucial to be cautious and considerate, especially in busy public areas. Remember, not everyone is ok with vaping, and it’s important to respect their space and comfort.

This means being mindful of your own surroundings and the people around you, ensuring that your vaping doesn’t intrude on their personal space or cause any discomfort.

Being considerate also involves adhering to local regulations and policies regarding vaping. Just like with smoking, you will find it’s against the law to vape in establishments like:




Public Transport

It’s your responsibility as a vaper to be aware of and respect these rules. Doing so will help maintain a positive image of the vaping community.

Where Not to Vape

While we’ve discussed the environments where it’s illegal to vape, there are other situations where it’s strongly advised not to whip out your vape.

Outdoor spaces, crowded streets, outdoor cafes, or parks where families gather might not be the best spots to vape. It’s important to respect these boundaries – it’s a big part of being a considerate vaper.

Vaping Around Children and in Public Areas

Vaping near children requires an extra level of care and consideration. It’s essential to be especially cautious if you’re a sub-ohm vaper who enjoys creating large vapour clouds. These large, impressive clouds are a part of the vaping appeal for some but can be overwhelming or concerning in public spots, particularly around children.

The presence of children should be a cue to either refrain from vaping or to move to a less populated area where your vaping won’t be noticeable or potentially disruptive.

This care extends to general public areas too. Not everyone understands the nuances of vaping, and large clouds can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or discomfort. In such situations, it’s not about suppressing your enjoyment of vaping but about finding a balance.

Respecting other people’s space and comfort while enjoying your vape goes a long way and keeps everyone happy!

Embracing Vaping Without Intrusion

Vaping in public doesn’t mean you have to be overly cautious to the point of discomfort. There’s no need to feel shy or hide your vaping habit as long as it’s done with consideration for those around you.

This consideration also extends to the type of devices used. Opting for more discreet and compact mouth-to-lung pod vape kits can be a thoughtful choice. Some of the benefits of doing so include:

Vape Vapour

Minimal Vapour Production

These kits produce less vapour, reducing attention and disturbance.

Inhaling on a Vape Device

Effective Nicotine Delivery

Despite their size, they are efficient in delivering nicotine.

Illustration of a Fruit

Maintain Flavour Quality

Enjoy great taste that doesn’t disturb people.

Vape Vapour

Respectful Vaping Choice

Demonstrates a mindful approach to public vaping.

Switching to an MTL pod kit could be the answer to elevating your vaping experience while remaining respectful to others when you’re out and about.

Top Tips for Vaping in Public

When you’re in public, a few simple but effective tips can ensure you’re considerate of those around you, such as:

Mind Your Vapour

In crowded areas, take shorter puffs or use a low-vapour device.

Choose the Right Device

Opt for discreet, compact devices, particularly in crowded or public spaces.

Awareness of Surroundings

Stay conscious of the people and environment around you.

Respect Regulations

Adhere to local vaping rules and regulations, especially in public buildings and on transport.

Handling Negative Reactions

As vapers, we need to accept that other people may be opposed to what we’re doing, and that’s OK. Everyone is entitled to feel however they like. All you need to do is be respectful. 

While you and your friends may not bat an eyelid about vaping, that’s not to say others share the same point of view. It’s not uncommon to encounter differing opinions about vaping, and handling these situations gracefully is key to being a considerate vaper.

When faced with criticism or negative comments, it’s important to respond calmly and respectfully. Avoid getting defensive; instead, try to understand the other person’s perspective.

If appropriate, offer polite and factual information about vaping, but also know when to disengage to prevent escalating the situation. Remember, the goal is to promote a positive image of vaping and maintain a peaceful environment for everyone involved.

It's clear that vaping in public comes with its own set of responsibilities. At Vape UK, we believe in promoting a culture of consideration and respect.

You probably abide by these rules already, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to reiterate the importance of showing respect to non-vapers when in public. Embracing these principles means we can all contribute to a more positive and accepting environment for vapers.

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21 March 2024

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