The Pros and Cons of Disposable Vape Kits

After years of declining popularity, disposable vapes are back with a vengeance. Is this a good thing? We’ve examined the benefits vs the drawbacks of disposables.

2020 trends and predictions from the world of vaping

The vaping industry is constantly evolving to meet the tastes and demands of its discerning fans, and to weather the ever shifting legal and regulatory stance of governments and health bodies. In this article, we’ll take a look at our predictions for what 2020 holds in store for vaping.

Are our children vaping?

As the news today informs us that the number of teenagers smoking cigarettes has fallen to the lowest rate on record, alternative headlines inform us that vaping amongst young people is an ‘epidemic’ that needs to be stopped. What’s the truth behind the headlines?

The State of the Vape 2019

With the recent news that the UK government plans to erase smoking by 2030, we thought it was a good time to report on other news and trends to show you what vaping in the UK looks like in 2019.

2019 trends and news from the world of vaping

As vaping popularity grows rapidly in the UK, how will suppliers keep up to date with the increasing demand for choice and quality? We explore the innovations and trends for the vaping industry that we predict for 2019.

The extraordinary evolution of e liquid

Vape juice is the thing that keeps us wild about vaping. But where did it all start? Read about how e-liquid has evolved to become what we know and love today.

E liquid - UK vaping trends to tickle your tastebuds in 2018

As the popularity of vaping continues to grow in the UK, so does the demand for choice and quality. Read our guide to the latest e-liquid trends to watch out for this year.