How Vape UK enforces age verification to combat youth vaping

We’ve always taken our responsibility to keep vaping products out of the hands of minors extremely seriously. With the latest addition of in-store Biometrics, we’re stepping up our age verification to the next level.

Black Friday 2023! Are you ready for our biggest ever vape sale?

At Vape UK, we reward our valued customers with outstanding offers on a huge range of fantastic products during our Black Friday event. For 2023 we will run our BIGGEST EVER sale event from midnight on Black Friday until the end of Cyber Monday. Don't miss out - savings can only be made while stocks last.

Stoptober 2023 - stop smoking by switching to vaping

We are once again joining the Stoptober revolution in 2023 to help people who want to quit smoking get their best shot at succeeding. We've got amazing deals on four highly recommended starter kits to help you through your break up with smoking this October. Stop smoking, and good things happen!

The hidden horrors of fake vapes and how to avoid them

In this blog we uncover information about the prevalence of counterfeit vapes, their safety risks, and how to identify them.

Are disposable vapes being banned in the UK in 2024?

Single use vapes, such as Elf Bars and Lost Mary disposables could be banned on environmental and health grounds. We explore the reasons behind this demand from UK councils.

QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology: What is it, and why is it awesome?

The new QUAQ Mesh Coil by Elf Bar. Read our blog to learn more about the advantages, innovations, and devices which use them.

How to make your disposable vape pen last longer

This guide will teach you how to get the most puffs out of every disposable, why some vape pens don't last as long as others, and how to measure puff count.

Tackling the illegal sale of vapes to minors

Are disposable vape bars getting into the wrong hands? Has youth vaping become an epidemic? These are the questions in the news at the moment. With the UK government unveiling new measures to combat the issue of vaping by minors, we wanted to take a look at the whole picture. How do we exploit the huge potential of vaping to help adults quit, while simultaneously stopping children from taking up vaping?