The Tax on Vaping: a cynical cash grab that punishes the poor

In an economically illiterate move that will no doubt have the tobacco industry jumping for joy, UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced a severe, and extremely complicated, tax on vaping. We've taken a look at the vaping tax proposals in more detail, and outline what the impact will look like.

Top Vaping Myths Unravelled

Since the explosion in the popularity of vaping in recent years, a lot of myths and speculations have cropped up, altering the way people view vaping. These myths make vaping look like a major issue, but the truth is that they're an extremely effective smoking cessation tool. This article debunks the top vaping misconceptions so that you can understand more about the intricacies of this smoking alternative.

Vape UK Backs the Call for a Vape Retailer Licensing Scheme

A licensing framework for the UK vape industry has been put forward to parliament this week. The scheme, which has been designed to allow Trading Standards to tackle the rise of illicit vapes and underage vape sales, would be the first of its kind in the UK. Many conscientious vape retailers, like ourselves, have been pushing the idea of a licensing scheme for years. Find out more about the framework, and how we feel it offers a far better solution than a ban on disposables.

What is the latest news on the disposable vape ban?

The UK government has announced that disposable vapes will be banned. Their reasons focus on tackling rises in youth vaping, and follow its consultation on smoking and vaping from last year. We explore the headlines, and bring you the latest news on why this ban is happening, how it will be implemented, and the implications for other vaping products.

The Best E-Liquid Flavours Coming Into 2024

Not sure what flavour to choose for your next e-liquid purchase? Don't worry, we got you covered. Check out our top 10 list of the best vape juice flavours to try out in the new year!

What's in Store for Vaping in 2024

The vaping industry is advancing fast, and new products and trends are on the rise for 2024. It's good to stay in the loop, so why not check out our predictions for the coming year?

Smoke No More in 2024

As the new year approaches, our minds turn to what we can do to make improvements to our lives. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to quit smoking for good, and see vast improvements to your health (and your bank balance), then we’re here to help. Switching smoking for vaping could just be the single most important thing you do for yourself in 2024.

How Vape UK enforces age verification to combat youth vaping

We’ve always taken our responsibility to keep vaping products out of the hands of minors extremely seriously. With the latest addition of in-store Biometrics, we’re stepping up our age verification to the next level.