Innokin Zenith Replacement Coils

Qty Price Each
1 - 1 £10.00
2 - 2 £9.00
3 - or more £8.00

Replacement coils for the Innokin Zenith Tank

The tank uses two different coils designed to tailor your vaping experience.
The 1.6 Ohm Kanthal coil is designed for a cooler vape at lower wattages between 10w to 14w.
The 0.8 Ohm Kanthal coil is more suited at those looking for a slightly warmer vape and slightly higher wattages with a more powerful delivery. These coils can be used between 14w to 18w.
Please bear in mind the 0.8ohm will concentrate the vapour production so more nicotine will be delivered to the user. You may wish to lower your e-liquid nicotine level accordingly.
Sold in packs of five coils

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