QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology: What is it, and why is it awesome?

11 July 2023

By: Nicola Webster

Blog: QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology: What is it, and why is it awesome?

The vaping industry innovates at a rapid pace. It seems as though every year, some new technology is invented that turns the game on its head and starts the “next generation" of vaping devices. This year, that innovation is QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology.

If you’ve been in the market for a new vape kit recently, you’ve probably come across mesh coils being referenced in the descriptions of the latest devices. Even if you use disposables, such as Elf Bars, Aroma King, or Lost Mary BM600, you’ll have seen this terminology bandied about. Well, with the imminent arrival of the upgraded, and highly anticipated, Elf Bar V2, QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology will soon be all the rage, leaving mere mesh coil mortals in its dust.

Mesh Coils

What are the benefits of mesh coils?

Before I start to tell you about the exceptional vaping experience you’ll get with QUAQ Mesh, it may help to first explain why mesh coils are superior to regular coils.

Compared to traditional vape coils, mesh coils have several crucial benefits. Instead of a spiral of heating wire, mesh coils utilize a strip (or multiple strips) of flat metal mesh that is wound into a cylinder. This means that the ‘wick’ which is soaked with your favourite e-liquid has a far greater level of contact with the heating element.

The mesh heats more evenly, which removes the spitting and popping issues that the old style of coil has. The consistent and even heating also means that mesh coils last longer, since no part of the structure is getting hotter than another. Due to the larger surface area, mesh coils also heat up faster than regular coils, so you get more immediate vapour production.

Using mesh instead of wire also means that your vaping device doesn’t need as much power to produce fluffy clouds and deliver intense flavour. A vaping experience that would have previously required a dual cell mod can now be achieved with a single cell disposable.

Are there any drawbacks with mesh coils?

Even though the greater surface area of mesh coils is one of the key benefits, it’s also one of the only drawbacks. The faster heating time and wick-to-mesh contact leads to more e-liquid being used than with regular coils.

QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology: Innovations and Advancements


With QUAQ, the mesh is created by medical-grade instruments using high-precision heating wire. This innovative process produces a thin, light-woven mesh with an even greater surface area than other mesh coils. This process is so accurate that QUAQ has been able to improve the fineness of the wire diameter by 23%.

Low Tolerance = Highly Consistent

The QUAQ Coil has a 1.2Ω resistance, but naturally, coils have some slight deviation. QUAQ Coils are designed specifically with a low tolerance of 0.02Ω, meaning they won't deviate further than 1.18Ω to 1.22Ω resistance. This ensures consistency between batches.

The resistance of this highly exacting gossamer mesh is lowered to 0.02Ω, which not only improves power consumption by 24%, it also means that e-liquid consumption is improved by 8.5%.

QUAQ Mesh Coil - Puffs increased, power consuption reduced

When used in disposables such as the new Elf Bar V2, you’ll definitely notice the enhanced longevity due to the implementation of QUAQ Mesh. In fact, they’ve calculated that puff count could be improved by as much as 30% due to the fact that both the battery and coil will last to the very last droplet of e-liquid.

Additional Benefits of QUAQ Mesh Coils

Firstly, let’s talk about flavour. The flavour reproduction that QUAQ Mesh is able to achieve is up to 45% better than regular coils. That means that no matter which kind of flavour you prefer, be it sweet, creamy, fruity, or minty, you’ll experience a richer, purer version of that flavour.

Also, due to the usage of high-precision medical-grade cutting instruments, QUAC Mesh is completely smooth. This means that no deposits of carbon will be present within the vapour, leading to an untainted vaping experience. Particulate matter is a value that is monitored in vapour production, so this innovation is a big step forward.

QUAQ Mesh Coil Flavour Production +45%

Finally, the uniform and precise design of QUAQ Mesh means enhanced heat distribution. The concentration of heat around the antibacterial food-grade fibres of the wicking material is so consistent that it eliminates the risk of dry hits or erratic vapour production. With a QUAQ Mesh coil in your vaping device, you’re guaranteed an exceptional vaping experience to the very last puff.

Vapes which use QUAQ Mesh Coil Technology

Leading disposable brands have already recognized the massive improvements offered by QUAQ Mesh and are now introducing the innovation into their own vape bars. Lost Mary already uses it in their QM600 device, and Elf Bar have announced that the V2 of their bestselling disposable will embrace QUAQ.

With industry leaders such as these leading the charge, we can certainly expect to see other brands following suit very soon. The vaping industry innovates to provide its customers with the best vaping experience possible, and QUAQ Mesh is the logical next step in achieving that goal.

Devices which use QUAQ Mesh Technology: Lost Mary QM600 & Elf Bar V2

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11 July 2023 Nicola Webster

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