The Best Lost Mary Flavours

15 May 2024

The Best Lost Mary Flavours

Lost Mary has quickly become a fan favourite thanks to its sleek products and impressive designs, not to mention the variety of tantalising flavours available - over 30 unique options and counting!

Welcome to the world of Lost Mary, where vaping meets style and convenience.

Whether you choose Maryliq Nic Salts or grab a Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape Kit, you’re in for a treat with Lost Mary’s flavour expertise. From the icy touch of Cherry Ice to the luscious blend of Triple Melon – we know there’s probably one question on your mind – what’s the best flavour? Don’t worry; we’ve got you sorted.

While the ‘best’ flavour all depends on personal taste, we have compiled a list of the top 10 selling flavours that are a hit with our customers. So, are you ready to dive in?

1. Pineapple Ice

Craving a tropical escape? Grab a Lost Mary Pineapple Ice and let it whisk you away to sunny skies and sandy beaches. This flavour hits just the right note with its sweet, fruity pineapple taste that slides smoothly on the inhale.

But it’s the cool, refreshing finish - like a gentle ocean breeze that really seals the deal.

Whether you’re taking a break from the daily grind or just need a little taste of paradise, Pineapple Ice has you covered.

2. Strawberry Ice

Meet Strawberry Ice, your new go-to for lazy summer days. This Lost Mary flavour is a delightful twist on a classic fruit favourite. Dive into the rich and tart sensation of ripe strawberries - each puff packed with full-bodied flavour that’s just bursting with freshness.

And that’s not all! The exhale surprises with a cool, icy finish that’s as refreshing as a breeze on a hot day. It’s like enjoying a frozen strawberry treat without the mess!

Strawberry Ice is the perfect companion for those summer outings or just chilling in the garden.

3. Triple Mango

If exotic flavours are your thing, Triple Mango will be right up your alley. This flavour truly is a tropical masterpiece, blending three distinct types of mangoes into one harmonious vape experience. Each puff envelops your taste buds with sweety luscious mango flavours that might just transport you to a sunny beach in an instant!

The rich, fruity combo is refreshing, making it a perfect pick for vapers looking to add a bit of tropical flair to their day.

Triple Mango is a versatile choice that promises to keep your summer vibes going all year round.

4. Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Blueberry Sour Raspberry isn’t just any vape flavour – it’s a tangy thrill ride for your taste buds. Perfect for those who crave a bit of zest in their vape experience, this flavour combines the sharp tang of tart blueberries with the bright, sour punch of raspberries.

The result? A vivid and outrageously refreshing taste that feels like biting into a freshly picked duo of fruits. It’s a sourly sweet treat that livens up your vaping routine, offering a bold and lively flavour profile.

We believe Blueberry Sour Raspberry is a standout choice for those seeking a vibrant, fruit-forward punch in their daily vape.

5. Cherry Ice

Cherry Ice is the quintessential choice for those who love their vapes sweet and memorable. This staple flavour delivers a delectable blast of ripe, perfectly seasoned cherries that burst across your taste buds with each inhale.

The experience is utterly mouth-watering. It combines the rich sweetness of cherries with a crisp, icy finish that refreshes and delights - like enjoying a chilly cherry sorbet on a warm day.

Dubbed the ‘cherry on top’ for any sweet vape enthusiast, Cherry Ice promises to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re a cherry aficionado or just looking for a sweet addition to your vape rotation, this flavour stands out as a brilliantly flavourful choice – we promise!

6. Menthol

If you’re craving an icy kick, Menthol delivers it in spades! This flavour isn’t just cool; it’s a deep dive into a frosty winter wonderland. Each puff hits you with a strong burst of cool mind that’s as sharp as it is invigorating.

The intense, frosty menthol sensation is coupled with a crisp, clean taste that refreshes your palate and clears your senses. It’s a little like breathing in the cold, fresh air of a snowy day.

Brilliant for menthol lovers seeking a powerful and straightforward minty experience, this vape flavour stands out with its bold, no-nonsense freshness.

7. Double Apple

Double Apple isn’t just your ordinary apple vape – it’s a super-duper apple extravaganza! Each puff delivers a potent blast of juicy apples, capturing the essence of both sweet and tart varieties blended into one intense flavour experience. It’s a bit like biting into a fresh, crisp apple, but doubled!

This intense fruity flavour is so rich and satisfying that we’re sure it will become a daily delight in your vaping routine.

Ideal for those who can’t get enough of that authentic apple taste, Double Apple is sure not to disappoint.

8. Cola

Dive into the classic taste of American soda with Cola. This vape captures the quintessential sweet and bubbly essence of cola, channelling those familiar flavours into every puff. With light, sweet notes that mimic the timeless drink, this vape finishes each draw with a slight fizz, enhancing the authenticity of the experience.

Perfect for soda lovers or anyone seeking a nostalgic yet distinctly modern vaping adventure.

The Cola flavour is a timeless choice, giving you a unique and delightful way to enjoy the iconic taste of cola anytime, anywhere.

9. Blue Razz Ice

Fancy a flavour that gives a bit of a zing? Blue Razz Ice is the answer. This flavour delivers a deliciously balanced taste of blue raspberry – sweet yet tart, with a vibrant kick that will definitely wake up your taste buds!

But it doesn’t stop there. Each puff ends with a cool finish, adding a chill-out vibe to the zesty experience. It’s the perfect blend for those who appreciate a pleasingly sharp and refreshing aftertaste in their vape.

Whether you’re looking to jazz up your day or cool down on a warm afternoon, Blue Razz Ice offers a tantalisingly tangy taste that’s sure to hit the spot.

10.  Red Apple Ice

Finishing off with Red Apple Ice, here’s a flavour that beautifully captures the essence of a crisp orchard experience, chilled to perfection. This Lost Mary concoction combines the juicy sweetness of red apples with a refreshing menthol twist.

Every inhale delivers the ripe, lush notes of freshly picked apples, while the exhale soothes with a cool menthol breeze, balancing the fruitiness with an invigorating finish.

This flavour is designed for vapers on the go, offering a quick, refreshing burst of flavour that’s perfect for any time of day. Whether you’re looking to refresh your palate or just enjoy a classic fruit with a frosty twist, Red Apple Ice may just become your new best friend.

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15 May 2024

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