Innokin Zenith Z Replacement Coils

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These coils are suitable for the Zenith, Zenith D22, Zlide and Zlide Pro Tanks, as well as the Kroma-Z Pod Mod Kit by Innokin.

The 0.3ohm mesh coil does NOT work with the Innokin Adept Kit.

The 0.3ohm mesh coil Z coil is designed for RDL vaping, between 30 - 40 watts.

The 0.48ohm Plex3D / 0.5ohm Plexus Z coil is suitable for MTL vaping, between 12 - 16 watts, with superior flavour and longevity.

The 0.8ohm kanthal Z coil offers warm, MTL vaping, between 14 - 17 watts.

The 1.0ohm kanthal Z coil is suitable for warm, MTL vaping and RDL vaping, between 20 - 25 watts.

The 1.2ohm kanthal Z coil is designed for MTL vaping, between 10 - 14 watts, with enhanced flavour.

For use with the Innokin Go Z: The 1.6ohm kanthal Z coil is best suited for MTL vaping, between 10 - 15 watts, and is perfect for nic salts.

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To avoid premature coil failure, be sure to follow our coil priming guide.

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