Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit

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Mouth To Lung


The Elf Bar 1200 prefilled pod vape kit was launched to offer both beginner and advanced vapers a flavour-packed mouth-to-lung experience while being a convenient rechargeable prefilled pod kit. Elf Bar never fails to amaze us with its remarkable advancements in the Elf Bar disposable kit, integrating the Elf Bar 1200 with a split-second auto-draw function, 650 mAh battery rapidly recharged with a fast-charging Type-C port and their updated QUAQ premium mesh coil.

This easy-to-use pod kit comes with two Elf Bar 1200 pods prefilled with their exquisite nic salt flavours of your choice but can be switched out with any of their other 22 flavours. Since the device houses two pod cartridges, the Elf Bar 1200 pod kit is optimised to provide up to 1200 puffs of smooth, satisfying flavour using a 20mg (2%) nicotine strength.

Puff counts are approximate and depend on the length of draws on each use. Lower puff counts will be seen if longer draws are taken.

Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Prefilled 2 in 1 Rechargeable Elf BarElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Prefilled 2 in 1 Rechargeable Elf Bar

Key Features

Through research and quality testing, the Elf Bar 1200 pod system was expertly crafted for user-friendliness and durability for the ultimate on-the-go vaping experience. 

  • Rechargeable 650 mAh battery
  • Compact and ergonomic handle
  • Rapid Type-C charging
  • QUAQ premium mesh wire
  • 1200 puffs in compliance with TPD
Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - TPD Compliant with 1200 PuffsElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - TPD Compliant with 1200 Puffs


Elf Bar offers an immense selection of 22 nic salt flavours in the Elf Bar 1200 pod kit, featuring a variety of fruity and unique combinations with 20mg of nicotine to satisfy your vaping needs. 

While each flavoured pod provides 2ml of e-liquid, the device optimises flavour delivery for two cartridges, offering 1200 flavour-packed puffs in a TPD-compliant format. Elf Bar further developed the Elf Bar 1200 pods to ensure a zero-leak, zero-mess experience by keeping the coil separate from the e-liquid pods. Simply click the pods into the device's two ports, fit the mouthpiece on, and allow a few moments for e-liquid absorption before enjoying your carefree vaping bliss. 


Apple Pear
A crisp blend of juicy red apples with sweety tangy pears to offer vapers a pleasure unpearalleled to any other. 
Blueberry Cherry Cranberry
A vibrant medley of tart blueberries, red cherries, and bright, bold cranberries for delectable flavour to delight your palate.
Blueberry Sour Raspberry
An infusion in a harmonious balance of juicy blueberries and floral undertones of raspberries finished with a sour candy twist.
An infusion of ripe, juicy grapes oozing in its sweet and tangy perfection for those seeking delicious purity.
Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
An exotic trio boasting the sweet passion fruit and juicy guava with a citrusy zing of kiwis that takes your tastebuds through a fiesta.
Lemon Lime
A citrusy concoction merging sweet, tangy lemons with the zesty kick of fresh limes for the ultimate mouth-puckering experience.
Lemon Raspberry
Delivers a delightful burst of succulent raspberries complemented by the sweet tang of freshly squeezed lemons.
An alluring blend capturing the tropical and juicy essence of smooth, ripe mangoes to invite more carefree vaping to your life.
Pineapple Ice
A lusciously sweet flavour exploding with succulent chunks of pineapple with a prominent chill aftertaste.
Purple Mint
A fragrant infusion of crisp and fresh mint paired with mouth-watering moreish blackberries to leave you in exciteMINT.
Raspberry Peach
Brings back lush spring vibes blooming with fresh, juicy peaches and tart raspberries in this irresistible infusion.
Red Cherry
Exhilarates the tastebuds with its decadently sweet and sensual notes of red, piquant cherries.
Strawberry Ice
A refreshing combination of ripe, luscious strawberries and an icy gust of menthol to deliver a cooling yet fruity sensation.
Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice
An Elf Bar classic featuring a berry medley of tarty cherries, sweet raspberries and lush strawberries finished with a frigid exhale.
Watermelon Ice
A tropical watermelon sweetness to liven up your vaping palate softened with a cooling aftertaste.
Wild Berries Ice
A berrylicious mix of moreish naturally grown berries delivering a delectably sweet flavour that'll send your tastebuds feral.
Blueberry Edition
If you love to see the blueberry as the hero of your vaping ventures, this edition includes Blueberry Cherry Cranberry and Blueberry Sour Raspberry.
Lemon Edition
For vapers enamoured by the zing of citrusy lemons, this edition features Lemon Lime and Lemon Raspberry.
Purple Edition
Celebrates the luxuriant purple flavours, including sweet blends like Grape and Blueberry Cherry Cranberry for you to indulge in.
Red Edition
If you're looking to paint the town red one night, this edition pairs the classic Strawberry Ice and Red Cherry flavours.
Strawberry Edition
For those wanting Strawberry to carry the main act, this edition features Strawberry Ice and Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice.
Yellow Edition
If you'd like to add a bit of sunshine to your adventures, this edition supplies you with Mango and Pineapple Ice for care-free vaping days.

Flavours from QUAQ Mesh Wire

Elf Bar has improved their QUAQ mesh coil technology for prolonged vaping satisfaction and flavour delivery using a premium heat-distributing 1.2Ω mesh coil. The QUAQ mesh coil was implemented on the Elf Bar 1200 pod kit, optimised for any of their 22 nic salt options so that you can enjoy a vibrant spectrum of flavours at any time.

Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Taste Sensation with Every DrawElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Taste Sensation with Every Draw


In perfect harmony, the built-in 650 mAh battery provides steady power output to the mesh coil, allowing their ingenious e-liquid atomisation technology to deliver velvet-smooth, consistent flavour till the very last puff. As seen on the graph below, the Elf Bar 1200 harmonises voltage and electric charge for even levels of vapour, surpassing the industry standard for a truly superior vaping experience.

Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Flavour Consistent to the Last PuffElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Flavour Consistent to the Last Puff

Grab & Go Design

The Elf Bar 1200 kit not only guarantees a flavourful experience but seamlessly fits with your lifestyle. The Elf Bar 1200 is fashioned with an ergonomic and compact body for the ultimate reliable and on-the-go vaping session.

Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Grab & Go PleasureElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Grab & Go Pleasure

How To Use

The included Elf Bar 1200 prefilled pods are designed to be easily clicked into the Elf Bar 1200 device. You can either simply pull or rotate the mouthpiece off, exposing the two cartridge ports. Click the pods' base into those ports and allow a few moments for the e-liquid to saturate the coil. 
It's that straightforward since the Elf Bar 1200 device relies on an easy auto-draw function, so you can start vaping from the get-go. There is a visible USB-C port on the side for you to recharge when necessary.

Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - How to UseElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - How to Use


Device Parameters

26 x 22 x 104mm
Up to 1200
Nicotine Strength
20mg (2%)
E-Liquid Capacity (Per Pod)
2.0 ml
650 mAh

Pod Parameters

17 x 10 x 38mm
Nicotine Strength
20mg (2%)
Pod Capacity
2 ml
Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - ParametersElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Parameters
Elf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Pod ParametersElf Bar 1200 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - Pod Parameters
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