Vape Gold's Gold Bar Reload Prefilled Pod Vape Kit

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The Gold Bar Reload prefilled pod kit, from the creators of the Gold Bar disposable kit, is designed to cater to any vapers looking to make the switch from single-use vapes. Equipped with a 500 mAh battery, this kit can be quickly recharged through a fast-charging USB Type-C port, minimizing your downtime between vaping sessions. The kit offers user-friendly features such as an instant auto-draw function, an ergonomic chassis and an elegant champagne-style aesthetic for a luxuriant vaping adventure.

Each kit comes with its Gold Bar 2ml pod prefilled with one of 12 nic salt flavours that expertly mimic the exquisite taste of the Gold Bar disposable and enable users to switch between flavours at a moment's notice. Through its premium built-in mesh coil, the Gold Bar prefilled pods are optimized for smooth, consistent vapour, providing 600 puffs each using 20mg (2%) nicotine strength.

Puff counts are approximate and depend on the length of draws on each use. Lower puff counts will be seen if longer draws are taken.

Vape Gold's Gold Bar Reload Prefilled Pod Kit - The Golden Age is Here!Vape Gold's Gold Bar Reload Prefilled Pod Kit - The Golden Age is Here!

Gold Bar Reload Key Features

  • 600 puffs
  • 2 ml capacity (TPD compliant)
  • Auto Draw Function
  • USB Type-C charging connection
  • 12 delectable pod flavours
  • 500 mAh rechargeable battery


The Gold Bar Reload pod device comes with a Gold Bar prefilled pod in twelve flavour options; however, you can switch out the pods easily for any of their other thirty-two flavour combinations at a moment's notice.

24k Mango
A single-note infusion of smooth, ripe mangoes for a luscious and vibrant vaping flavour.
Banana Ice
A classic flavour celebrating the harmonious pair of creamy ripe bananas with a refreshingly icy aftertaste.
Blue Raspberry
A decadently sweet and wonderful blend of blue raspberry, overflowing with heavenly flavour.
Blueberry Ice
An infusion of ripe tart blueberries finished off with a soothing and cool exhale, perfect for you to indulge in.
Cherry Fizz
A delicate mix that will leave your tastebuds dancing with its vibrant thrill of fizz and hints of lusciously sweet cherry.
Hawaiian Sunrise
Transports your tastebuds to a tropical oasis, blending ripe peaches, juicy pineapple and refreshing watermelons. 
Lemon Ice
A citrusy yet delightful kick of freshly squeezed lemons cooled with a gust of ice on the exhale.
Lemon Lime
A zesty potion infusing tangy lemons and citrusy limes so you can feel the ultimate zing for your vaping sessions.
Raspberry Watermelon
Merges the tart and floral undertones of fresh raspberries with succulent, juicy chunks of watermelon for a refreshing blend.
A fragrant infusion of crisp and fresh spearmint, delivering an icy and crisp mint aftertaste that will leave you cool and satisfied.
Summer Berries
Brings back summery vibes with its medley of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, blended for a berrylicious flavour.
Watermelon Ice
Delivers a reviving coolness from juicy chunks of watermelon, chilled for a frigid and crisp exhale. 

About Vape Gold

With such high demand rising, Vape Gold is gaining recognition for its premium-quality vape products in its flavour-packed grandeur. The Gold Bar was launched to offer a first-class and reliable vaping experience that was budget-friendly yet luxuriant. Through years of expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing, Vape Gold is committed to bringing customers the most value out of their vaping satisfaction. Vape Gold has not only hastened its production but is invested in innovating its products to cater to the ever-evolving needs of vaping enthusiasts worldwide.

Vape Gold's Gold Bar Reload Prefilled Pod Kit - The Gold Rush is UnderwayVape Gold's Gold Bar Reload Prefilled Pod Kit - The Gold Rush is Underway

Instructions for use

The included Gold Bar Reload prefilled pod is fixed within the Gold Bar Reload device through a firm magnetic mouth. They can easily be swapped out by removing the pod cartridge from the device's top mouth. 
It's as simple as that, as Gold Bar Reload kits use an easy auto-draw function and emphasise removing button complexities for your convenience. There is a visible USB-C port on the bottom for you to recharge when necessary. 

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Gold Bar Reload 500 mAh rechargeable pod device
  • 1 x Gold Bar Reload prefilled pods
  • 1 x User Manual

Compatible pods with this kit

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