SMOK Novo, Novo 2, Novo 2S Replacement E-Liquid Pods

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Please note, these pods will NOT fit the Novo X kit

These are a built-in coil pod, where the coils are not replaceable. 

Replacement pods for the SMOK Novo, Novo 2 and Novo 2S Pod Kits are available in six varieties.
The 0.8 ohm mesh pod has a large mesh inside, giving a faster heating process and larger vapour clouds.
The 0.9 ohm Meshed pod features a large heating area and even heating distribution.
The 1.0 ohm mesh pod is made with a mesh structure for huge vapour production.
The 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm pods are designed for MTL vaping, for which you can enjoy a throat hit with similar to smoking. 
The 1.2 ohm quartz pod is designed to provide the fastest heat uptime and best coil life.
The 1.4 ohm DC MTL pod is designed for MTL vaping but has two coils inside for increased vapour production.
The 1.4 ohm MTL Ceramic pod is also designed for MTL vaping but works better for those who like to chain vape a little. This is due to the ceramic material coping better with higher temperatures that might be seen with heavier vaping.
Sold in packs of three pods

SMOK Novo 2S Replacement E-Liquid Pods

Small grooves of big use. Several grooves around the body of the electronode can temporarily lock the condensation generated during vaping. Bilateral U-shaped airflow channel. Two air slots on both sides of the top of the device form a bilateral U-shaped airflow channel, which greatly increases the air inflow and brings a smoother taste. 0.9 ohm meshed Novo pods. The meshed coil consists of multiple octagons with a stable structure, which enables the meshed wire heating elements to heat faster and more evenly. Pod introduction. The Novo 2 clear pod has a 0.9 ohm meshed coil, giving it a large heating area for excellent flavour and dense vapour. To fill the Novo 2S with e-liquid, simply peal back the rubber plug, insert your e-liquid bottle nozzle in, fill with e-liquid and remove the bottle, before closing the rubber plug back up.

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