Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Coils

Mouth To LungMouth To Lung

Nautilus X U-Tech Coils

Nautilus X coils are available in 1.5Ω and 1.8Ω. 
The 1.5Ω coil is for mouth to lung vaping and is best between 14 and 20 watts.
The 1.8Ω coil is best between 12 and 16 watts and offers more of a restricted draw.
The Nautilus X coils incorporate U-Tech, the latest coil technology. Vape flows through the U-shaped chamber and passes the Kanthal coils twice before being inhaled.
This all-new airflow performance allows for unrivalled vape flavour and e-juice taste.
Be sure to follow our coil priming guide to avoid premature coil failure.

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