Vapes Bars Angel 2400 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit

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Vapes Bars has elevated your vaping pleasure to new heights with their Angel Bar 2400 pod vape kit, a powerful yet elegant device for those who seek smooth and flavour-packed performance. User-friendly features such as switchable prefilled pods and air sensors make it an impressive kit for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. The Angel Bar 2400 pod kit uses a sleek and ingenious rechargeable pod system to deliver a long-lasting, unparalleled flavour journey for your on-the-go vaping adventures. This pod system includes a smart OLED display indicating your battery status of its immense 1100 mAh. The battery can be quickly recharged through its USB Type-C charging and is designed to be easily removed and responsibly recycled.

The four included Angel 2400 prefilled pod cartridges harmonise brilliantly with this since they contain 20mg (2%) of delicious nicotine salt e-liquid. These flavours come in five options starring a single mouth-watering taste and seventeen vibrant multi-flavour options for a diverse vaping session. The Angel 2400 prefilled vape pods can be replaced with ten other dual-flavour combos for vapers to enjoy a more personalised vaping venture. In addition to its durability, the Angel 2400 prefilled pods integrate a 1.2Ω premium quality mesh coil optimised to deliver up to 600 delicious puffs each and provide a smooth and exquisite mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience

This prefilled pod kit is designed to provide approximately 2400 delicious puffs, with the actual number of puffs depending on the length of each draw. Taking longer draws may result in lower puff counts. 

Please note: The type-C USB charging cable required to charge the battery is NOT included in this kit but can be purchased separately.

Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Stepping Up Your Vape GameAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Stepping Up Your Vape Game

Key Features

The Angel 2400's design elements work unitedly to offer a seamless and convenient disposable kit that can be recharged and reused for prolonged vaping satisfaction. 

    • 2400 Puffs
    • Smart battery-level display
    • Rechargeable 1100 mAh battery via rapid USB Type-C port
    • Four 2ml pods prefilled with 20mg (2%) nic salt e-liquid
    • Intuitive air sensors per pod
    • Premium quality heat-distributing mesh coil per pod
Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Key FeaturesAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Key Features

Consistent and Smooth

The Angel 2400 pod kit sports a revolutionary coil tech and design that ensures consistent flavour production with a smooth, satisfying throat hit. This pod kit comes with four prefilled pods that can be easily swapped out for their other tantalising flavours. The battery maximises the e-liquid for an evenly flavour-packed puff, even when battery levels are low.

Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Smooth Consistent FlavourAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Smooth Consistent Flavour

One Flavour, Max Power

Vapes Bars has meticulously developed its finest and most sought-after flavours, which emulate the smooth and exhilarating taste of your favourite disposable while providing up to four times the satisfaction. With a fine selection of twenty-two amazing flavours, five options star a deliciously uncomplex flavour, while the other seventeen special editions take you through an alluring combination of four different flavours. 

Each puff plays floral, tangy and sweet undertones of ripe raspberries
Blueberry Cherry
An infusion harmoniously pairing the sweet juiciness of blueberries and the tangy tart notes of cherries.
A deliciously uncomplex flavour for vapers seeking the luscious tropical flavour from succulent chunks of pineapples.
Lemon Lime
A citrusy combo of zesty limes and tangily sweet lemons to deliver that zing in your vaping adventures.
Blueberry Pomegranate
An indulgent pair featuring a fruity sweetness from ripe blueberries and slightly tart pomegranate.
Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - One Flavour, More PowerAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - One Flavour, More Power

4 in 1 Flavours

Blue Edition
Blueberry/ Blueberry Pomegranate/ Blackcurrant/ Blue E.
Purple Edition
Blueberry Pomegranate/ Pineapple/ Pink Lemon/ Blackcurrant
Pink Edition
Pink Lemon/ Raspberry/ Blueberry Cherry/ Cola Ice
Brown Edition
Cola Ice/ Blackcurrant/ Blue. E/ Lemon Lime
Silver Edition
Pineapple/ Lemon Lime/ Blueberry/ Cola Ice
Coral Edition
Pineapple Banana Strawberry/ Pineapple Peach Mango/ Pineapple Passion Fruit/ Pineapple Ice
Golden Edition
Lemon & Lime/ Lemon Ice/ Lemon Cherry Passion Fruit/ Lemon Tangerine Ice
Yellow Edition
Banana Pineapple Coconut Ice/ Banana Strawberry Blueberry/ Banana Ice/ Banana Orange Ice
Sky Blue Edition
Fizzy Cherry/ Fizzy Lemon/ Fizzy Orange/ Fizzy Cola
Violet Edition
Plum Blue Razz/ Plum Cherry/ Plum Pomegranate/ Plum Raspberry
Maroon Edition
Fizzy Cherry/ Lemon Cherry Ice/ Blue Razz Cherry/ Cherry Peach Lemonade
Ivory Edition
Hazel Espresso/ Caramel Coffee/ Coconut Coffee Cream/ Velvet Vanilla Coffee
Navy Edition
Blueberry/ Mango/ Grape/ Watermelon
Magenta Edition
Berry Lemonade Ice/ Blue Razz Cherry/ Strawberry Raspberry Cherry/ Strawberry Raspberry Ice
Red Edition
Strawberry Ice/ Strawberry Kiwi/ Strawberry Watermelon Ice/ Strawberry Raspberry Ice
Green Edition
Snow Mint/ Spearmint/ Strawberry Mint/ Classic Strawberry
Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Flavour Variety in OneAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Flavour Variety in One

Switch and Swap

The Angel 2400 pod system was designed to replicate the same auto-draw function and convenience of disposable vapes. However, this doesn't mean your flavour journey stops there; you can simply mix and match flavours for a personalised vaping session. 

Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Swap Pod in SecondsAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Swap Pod in Seconds

Intuitive Interface

With the Angel 2400 pod kit's smart OLED display, you can always be aware of your real-time vaping usage through the battery status. Vapes Bars streamlined the design further by including a simple auto-draw function and removing toggle complexities. 

Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Smart Battery DisplayAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Smart Battery Display


The Angel 2400 pod kit boasts an impressive 1100 mAh battery, superseding the average 550 mAh single-use vapes. The battery is optimised to deliver up to 2400 puffs on one single charge for unadulterated vaping bliss. Say farewell to the era of constant recharging with the Angel 2400 pod kit.

Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Vape longer, Battery Recharged QuickerAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - Vape longer, Battery Recharged Quicker

Airflow Sensor Per Pod

The Angel 2400 pod system guarantees a consistently smooth flavour delivery because Vape Bars include four premium-quality mesh coils using cutting-edge heat distribution within one device. This technology ensures an even nicotine hit across the four prefilled pods included in the kit. 

Angel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - A Dedicated Air Sensor Per PodAngel 2400 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Kit - A Dedicated Air Sensor Per Pod


Device Size
31 x 31 x 115 mm
Smart LED power level display
1100 mAh rechargeable battery
Included 4-in-1 Pods
Easy-Switch prefilled pods delivering up to 2400 puffs
Pod Capacity
Four 2ml prefilled tanks containing premium Vapes Bars E-Liquids
Four 1.2Ω Mesh Coils
Nicotine Strength
20mg/ml e-liquid
Ten Flavours

What's in the Box?

  • Angel 2400 1100 mAH Rechargeable Device
  • 4 X 2ml Prefilled Pod Cartridges
  • 1 x Branded Lanyard
  • 1 x User Manual


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