Ramsey Bar Fusion Blue Raspberry Lemonade

This product has been discontinued

Ramsey Bar Fusion Blue Raspberry Lemonade is a zingy lemonade beverage, complemented by the sweet candy-like taste of blue raspberries.

Ramsey E-Liquids Bar Fusion range brings to life some of the best disposable vape flavours, in short fill form, and are best suited to direct to lung, sub-ohm devices and Pod Vape Kits.

These short fill vape juices are supplied in a 120 ml bottle, with 100 ml of flavour, leaving enough space for two optional 10 ml nicotine shots to be added, achieving a total strength of nicotine, of approximately 3 mg.

Short fill e-liquids are most commonly created with a blend of 70+ VG, making them thicker than a typical 50 VG blend, which increases cloud production and flavour, when vaped at a higher wattage.

70/30 VG/PG

100 ml Short Fill Instructions

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