Vandy Vape Mesh Wire

Mesh wire from Vandy Vape is a brand new style of coil wire and quite different to your standard build wire. Available in Kanthal, Nickel and Stainless Steel plus multiple resistance varieties.
Mesh Wire Resistance
1 SS316L MESH WIRE 200mesh  5ft  1.2Ω/ft
2 KA1 MESH WIRE 80mesh         5ft  2.8Ω/ft
3 Ni80 MESH WIRE 100mesh      5ft   1.8Ω/ft
4 SS316L MESH WIRE 150mesh  5ft   0.9Ω/ft
5 SS316L MESH WIRE 400mesh  5ft   0.43Ω/ft
6 SS316L MESH WIRE 300mesh  5ft  0.37Ω/ft