Joyetech Ocular C Touchscreen, Media Player 150W TC Mod


Featuring the first and one of the most capable 1.68-inch colour touch-screens, the new Ocular C presents all the essentials on its clear and precise display. It supports a custom screensaver with clock or images, as you prefer. Powered by two replaceable 18650 batteries, Ocular C applies a sophisticated temperature control suite coupled with a 150W maximum output ( 200W upgrade available soon ). This anticipated device also makes it possible to track your daily activity and vaping habits by connecting to your mobile application. Plug in your headphone to enjoy the music, the one of a kind features enables you to stay cool, active and unique.


Touchscreen technology with smart system

To achieve the ultimate vaping experience, touchscreen technology is built into the Ocular series for the first time. Having a 1.68 inch CTP (Capacity Touch Panel) screen coupled with a smart operation system, the Ocular C is intuitively designed for ease of use.

150W max output with dual replaceable batteries
(Upgradable to 200W soon)

The Ocular C is powered by two replaceable batteries where the maximum output of 150W can be reached (a 200W firmware will also be available in future), making it powerful and convenient.

Slide to view photos

The Ocular C has an interactive and friendly interface. Just slide the screen down to switch to the home menu. Tap the photo icon to view photos and swipe left or right to switch.


Low power consumption

Concise and clear interface with easy operation

Joyetech Ocular C has a concise and clear vaping interface, which is easy and convenient to operate. Simply slide the screen to the left or right to switch between different modes. Tap +/- icons to adjust the wattage or temperature. In order to avoid accidental touching, once you hold the fire button the touchscreen will be locked automatically. Slide the screen to the right to unlock.

Screensaver with more options

The Ocular C enables you to set the clock (digital/analog) and photo as a screensaver. Use VT software to upload a photo (240*320 pixel limited in jpg format) to the device. One photo each time, up to 100 photos. Once you set the photo as wallpaper, it'll be displayed when vaping

Control your vaping habits

With touchscreen technology, you can check and control your vaping habits conveniently. Simply tap the puff icon, on whatever mode, to check the puff counts. Continue to tap the setting icon on the bottom, you're able to check your puff history by day and to set the daily puff limit.

Entertainment beyond vaping

Joyetech's innovative design makes it possible to play music on the Ocular C. Simply plug a 3.5 mm headphone jack and use VT software to import the songs from PC. Note: Name of the songs can be only saved with English characters or numbers in mp3 format. You can import up to 50 songs to the device.

VT software for upgrading and uploading

Apart from system firmware upgrade, the VT Software for Ocular C also includes music and photos uploading. Check the software and hardware version in the system settings.

Connect with mobile APP

The Ocular C comes with the mobile APP where you can master your device via Bluetooth. It also enables to set your vaping plan, check steps report, import photos to your device and even communicate with your friends

Exquisite 510 Stainless Steel Thread

510 stainless steel thread and wide border fitting for large capacity atomisers.

Charging & Upgrading

It's suggested that you remove the cells and charge them in an external charger.
The micro USB port is on the top left side, connect it with a micro USB cable to upgrade your device.

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