Nitecore Intelligent i8 Battery Charger

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The Intelligent i8 battery charger by Nitecore has wide range of compatibility and is capable of charging up to eight battery cells at one time.
100% Charging Acceleration | Active current Distribution Technology | IMR Battery Restoration
Automatic Current Selection Based on Battery Capacity | USB Output Support | Optimal Heat Dissipation

Compatible with:
10340 | 10350 | 10440 | 10500
12340 | 12500 | 12650 | 13450
13500 | 13650 | 14430 | 14500
14650 | 16500 | 16340 | 16650
17500 | 17650 | 17670 | 18350
18490 | 18500 | 18650 | 22500
22650 | 25500 | 26500 | 26650
Flat-topped batteries: 18700 | 20700 | 21700
AA | AAA | AAAA | C | D

USB Output support, optimal heat dissipation.

Independent Charging Slots

The i8 can charge up to eight batteries simultaneously.

Charge up to eight batteries simultaneously

Fast Charging

Fast charge up to 1500 mA in a single slot.

Single slot fast charging.

Space-saving Design

The i8 is different from traditional chargers, standing upright, saving desk space.
5.30" x 4.61" x 3.98"

The i8 stands upright to save space on the desk.

Active Current Distribution

The ACD technology allows the i8 to actively distribute its power throughout eight slots. When a battery is almost fully charged, the charger will divert a portion of its current to charge other batteries.

Charge will be shared among the batteries. If one is fully charged, the others will receive the power.

Easy to Operate

The red indicator signals that there is charging in progress. A green indicator signals that charging is complete.

Red signal for charging in progress. Green signal for charging completion.

Intelligent Power Level

The i8 automatically detects the power level of installed batteries and selects the appropriate voltage and charging mode.

After battery installation, the i8 will set the appropriate voltage and charging mode.

-dV / dt Charging Function

The -dV / dt function, specifically for Ni-MH and Ni-Cr batteries, detects the battery status and judges the best time to terminate charging, and aims to charge Ni-MH and Ni-Cr batteries as fully as possible without overcharging.

Aims to charge Ni-MH and Ni-Cr batteries as fully as possible without overcharging.

Battery Activation

The i8 is capable of activating depleted Li-ion batteries with a protective circuit. After the installation of a battery, the i8 will test and activate the installed battery before charging.

Note: Do not charge over-discharged (zero volt) UNPROTECTED Li-ion batteries.

The i8 will test and activate batteries before charging.

Compatible with USB Devices

Max USB Output: 5V | 2.1A

A USB output is featured on the side of the i8. Max USB output: 5V | 2.1A

Unique Design for Fast Heat Dissipation

Featuring a uniquely designed heat sink to assist with heat dissipation.

Heat sink to assist with hear dissipation


Weight: 488.2 grams | Dimensions: 117mm x 101mm x 134.5mm
Output current: (1.5A x 2) or (1A x 4) or (0.75A x 4) or (0.5A x 8) - USB: (5V x 2.1A)
Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A(max) 30W DC 12V 3A.

Specifications of the Intelligent i8 battery charger by Nitecore.

Please see our comprehensive guide to battery safety.

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