Nitecore Intelligent D4 Quad Bay Battery Charger

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The D4 digicharger by Nitecore is ultra-compatible, and can charge up to four battery cells at one time.
LCD Screen | Intelligent Circuitry | Globally Insured

Compatible with:
10440 | 14500 | 16340 | 17500
17670 | 18350 | 18490 | 18650
22650 | 26650

Crystalline LCD - Intelligent Circuitry - Globally Insured

Packs Compatibility and Power

The D4 is able to accommodate for four batteries of varying sizes and chemistries, and is compatible with IMR, LiFePO4, Li-ion and Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries.

Able to intelligently and safely charge small capacity batteries.

Intelligent Auto-Detect function

The integrated microprocessor automatically identifies battery types and battery status to set the most appropriate charging voltage and current.

CC Mode | CV Mode | -dV/dt Mode

Optimal Design for Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Batteries

The -dV/dt charging program for Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries detects the battery status and determines the most appropriate charging and termination voltage. This feature allows for maximum power without the risk of overcharging.

Detects and determines the the most appropriate charging and termination voltage.

Revolutionary Upgrade for IMR Batteries

With the extremely low internal resistance of IMR batteries, they may be overcharged in a regular Li-ion battery charger. The D4 addresses this problem by incorporating an optimised IMR charging system that is able to monitor the entire charging process, ensuring the end voltage is always within safe limits, thus extending battery life.

The D4 monitors the entire charging process, ensuring the end voltage is always within safe limits.

Optimised LiFePO4 Charging

Press and hold the "MODE" button for more than 2 seconds to activate the LiFePO4 charging mode, indicated by "LiFePO4" appearing on the digital display.

Press and hold the 'Mode' button to activate LiFePO4 charging mode.

Optimised for Small Capacity Batteries

Batteries of a small capacity, such as the 10440, 16340 and AA batteries, can overheat and also have a shortened lifespan. The D4 features a low current charging program to address this problem.
Press and hold the side button "MODE" for more than 1 second whilst charging until "Low" appears on the right to indicate that the low current charging mode is activated.

Press and hold the 'MODE' button until 'Low' appears, indicating that the low current charging mode is activated.

Highly Visible & Intuitive Liquid Crystal Display

An LCD display is built on a sleek black surface and presents the charging progress, battery type, voltage and more, in high contrast black and white. Simply press the side "MODE" button to select a reading.

Press the 'MODE' button to select a reading. High contrast, blast and white LCD screen.

No Detail Escapes

The D4 shows you all of the charging information clearly and precisely, from charging voltage, charging current and elapsed charging time to charging mode and battery type.

See your charging information clearly on display.

Always Keeps You in the Loop

When charging is complete, all five battery indicator bars will stop flashing and illuminate steadily, while "Chg.Finish" appears on the digital display.

'Chg.Finish' will appear on the digital display when charging is complete.

Overnight charging Function

Hold the "SLOT" button for more than 1 second to turn off the LCD back-light and eliminate disturbance at night. To turn the back-light back on, simply hold the "SLOT" button for more than 1 second.

Toggle the back-light by pressing and holding the 'SLOT' button for more than 1 second.

Quality Materials for Top Safety

The D4 battery charger is constructed from ABS fire retardant materials, and is built to the highest standards of safety.

Flame resistant, fire retardant materials.

Warm but Never Hot

Built-in temperature monitoring system detects in degrees, similar to that of a thermometer. To prevent overheating, the D4 features optimal heat dissipation to ensure reliability and safety.

Intelligent Temperature Control | Overtime Charging Prevention

Down to the Finest Detail

Made of pure copper, the spring-loaded battery contact plates help to minimise contact resistance to achieve a more precise charging voltage, generate less heat and provide a smooth sliding action when installing and removing batteries.

Smooth sliding action when installing and removing batteries.

Reverse Polarity Protection

The integrated reverse polarity protection feature will flash the power indicator bars quickly and display "Err" when batteries are incorrectly installed.

If a battery is incorrectly inserted, power indicator bars will flash quickly and display 'Err'.

Indoor & Travel Use

The D4 is a dependable companion at home and on the road, operating on either 100-240VAC (mains) or 12VDC.

Operates on either 100-240VAC (mains) or 12VDC when used in vehicles.


Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.35A (MAX) or DC 12V
Output current: (375 mA x 4) or (750 mA x 2)
Weight: 239 grams | Dimensions: 143 mm x 99 mm x 36 mm

Specifications of the D4 charger by Nitecore.

Please see our comprehensive guide to battery safety.

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