Welcome to the wonderful world of rebuildables! This is the best way to get proper, full flavour from your vape juice, and full control over your vaping experience.

Below is a brief description of the differences, and a huge choice of options on how to do it.

RDA / Dripper

RDA stands for 'rebuildable dripping atomiser' which is often called a 'dripper'.  This is the most common type of rebuildable atomiser. An RDA has no tank to hold juice, all of the liquid is held by the wick and coil. In addition, sometimes there is a well inside the base of the dripper to hold a little extra juice.


RBA stands for 'rebuildable atomiser', but is still frequently used to refer to an RTA, or 'rebuildable tank atomiser'. These have decks to rebuild on just like drippers, but also have a tank section to hold extra liquid. When built and filled, an RTA will function just like a clearomiser so you can vape repeatedly for much of the day before having to refill.


Please be sure to read our battery and coil safety guide before attempting any rebuilding of coils and use of batteries.


RTAs, RBAs, RDAs, Drippers (Rebuildables)

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